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Welcome to Sawnee Animal Clinic

Your local veterinarian in Cumming, Georgia since 1996! Our mission is to provide comprehensive, loving, and professional care to animals, strengthening the bond between owners and pets through education and encouragement.

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Baby Cruiser meets his big sister for the first time.

Cruiser meeting his big sister for the first time

How is Sawnee Animal Clinic different?

Here at Sawnee Animal Clinic, we understand that our clients see their pets as part of the family and we consider all of you to be part of our family, as well. Just as with our own pets, we strive to give the finest care possible while keeping your best interest in mind! This clinic is also different in that Dr. Esbeck sees all kinds of exotic patients from guinea pigs to snakes to alpacas. Take a look at the services we provide to see what Sawnee Animal Clinic can do for you and your pets!