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Video: Choosing between a puppy and an adult dogThis video discusses which would be more suitable for you: an adult dog or a puppy.

Video: 11 Tips to Greet a DogSometimes our approach can be scary for a dog that doesn’t know us. This video shows the correct way to greet a dog.

Video: 3 Ways to Play with Your PupPuppies can play pretty rough. This video shows pet owners how to play with a puppy appropriately from the beginning, so that interactions are safe even after they’ve grown bigger and stronger!


Administering Fluids

Video: Administering fluids to your catWatch this video to learn how to give subcutaneous fluids to your pet!

Administering Medications To Cats

Video: Administering medications to your catThis video featuring Dr. Stacey Wallach of Town and Country Veterinary Hospital in Missouri shows several ways to give cats pills and even how to give liquid medication.

Video: Rebranding the CatA cute video called “Rebranding the Cat.” It tries to dispel the myths behind catitude and shows why kitties are worthy of our love and attention!


Video: Choosing between a kitten and an adult catThis video discusses which would be more suitable for you: an adult cat or a kitten.

Video: Don't stress out your catSome things can trigger stress for a cat and cause bad/worse behavior. This video highlights a few examples.

Video: Cats & Carriers: Friends not FoesWhen a cat fears their carrier, it’s very difficult to take them to the doctor (or anywhere else, for that matter). This video shows how to make your cat feel more at ease with the idea of getting into a carrier.

Here are some great video sets from Veritas made just for pet owners. Unfortunately, these videos do not seem to work in all browsers. They do, however, work fine in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.