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Sawnee Animal Clinic has various pet wellness care plans so that you can give your pet the veterinary care he or she needs during the year without worry.

Investing in wellness care for your pet will save you money for future health issues. You can learn more about each plan and plan coverage by clicking on the type of pet you want to have covered and by reading the frequently asked questions below.

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Adult Cats: 

Adult Dogs:

Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness Plans:

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions that you may have regarding the wellness payment plans. This is not an insurance policy. This does not guarantee appointment times or emergency visits after hours. Some plans do include illness visits but most are wellness visits only. 

Please note: these are meant to be used as preventative care plans.

What is the Enrollment/Renewal fee?

A once-a-year fee of $50 per wellness plan will be charged at the time of enrollment or the following years at renewal. The enrollment/renewal fee will be $50 per owner account. Additional pets will have the fee waived for that year.

What if my pet doesn't need or use everything in the plan? Can I get my payment reduced?

The wellness plans are already discounted and are a good value even if you do not use all of the services offered. We have three different levels so that you can choose the plan that fits best for you and your pets.

Can I choose a different heartworm preventative instead of the Proheart injection?

Proheart is an injection that prevents heartworms for 6 months. The injection is given in the clinic and is much more convenient than monthly heartworm preventatives. However, we will allow in the Adult Dog and Puppy Silver and Gold Plans a credit up to $100 towards Sentinel only. You must purchase 12 doses at one time, we will apply the credit and you then pay the difference at that time. With small dogs, a year's supply of Sentinel may be less than $100. Unused credit is lost and not applied toward other products.

What if I need to cancel my wellness plan? (i.e. -pet dies, is given away or I move)

Sometimes unfortunate events happen and you may not be able to continue to utilize the wellness plan. You will have TWO options. You can finish paying out the remaining payments either monthly or all at one time OR we can calculate the services used at full price, deduct the payments that you have made and then you pay the difference.

Can I transfer the plan to a different pet?

No. The plan must be terminated first by one of the options above and a new plan started for the new pet.

Can I transfer the plan if I give away my pet to another person?

The monthly payments are made using the original credit card chosen at enrollment. The plan must be terminated as above and then restarted with the new owner.

How do I manage the wellness plan and the monthly payments?

The initial payment for the enrollment fee and the first monthly payment, as well as any other services completed that day, may be paid for with cash, check, credit or debit card. Then, a credit or debit card MUST be swiped. A $1 transaction with a $1 credit will be applied to that card to verify that it is active. Each month, the monthly payment amount will be charged to this card on the date you signed up for the plan.

For more information on wellness plans for other species of pets, please feel welcome to contact us.

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